In the world of photography to crop is to cut out a detail or certain part of a picture. Sometimes pictures work better, if they are cropped. By showing only parts of the whole picture, the photographer tries to create tension and to bring out the essence of the picture.

This is exactly what CropFactory wants to do

We are here for you to find the perfect crop. The perfect crop could be the solution to your problems. It could be consulting, where the focus is on your needs. Or it could be a software that does exactly what you want.  But a crop could also be an event or an exhibition, a place to showcase your products in the right light and environment.

This is what we offer you

  • Photoproductions according to your needs (Portraits, Stills, Architecture).

  • Consulting in the fields of photography, marketing, e-marketing and start-up

  • Organisation of events and exhibitions

  • Creating websites based on Squarespace for SME and micro-entities

  • Custom-made software solutions based on FileMaker Pro